UR.08.001 Drexel Women's Club records, 1927-1986

Drexel Women's Club records 1927-1986UR.08.001

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Drexel Women's Club records
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Finding aid prepared by Martha Cornog (2013)
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  • Drexel University--Faculty
  • Drexel University--History
  • Drexel University--Societies, etc.
  • Scholarships
  • Women--Societies and clubs

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Administrative History

The Drexel Women's Club was founded in 1927 by the wife of Drexel's president, Kenneth G. Matheson. Membership was opened to female faculty and staff as well as the wives of faculty and administrators. To fulfill its stated purpose of "promot[ing] good fellowship and to further the interests of the Institute in every way possible," the Women's Club began to offer student loans, scholarships, and awards. In 1942, the club began to publish the Drexel News Letter, a publication sent to members of the Drexel community serving in the armed forces during World War II, with news about happenings at Drexel and from its readers. The Women's Club also sponsored card parties, theatre parties, plays, teas, and other benefit events such as fundraisers for its scholarships and loan fund. The club was disbanded in 1985 due to decreasing interest from potential members.

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Scope and content note

Records in the collection include the club's constitution, financial records, minutes, membership rosters, annual reports, and subject files on events sponsored by the Women's Club. The collection contains both the Drexel News Letter, published during World War II for Drexel community enlistees, and a later newsletter for club members. A brief history of the club, written in 1947 by its history committee, is also included in the collection. Records of different formats are generally interfiled and arranged chronologically. Some formats, such as newsletters, are separated by type. Records from later years tend to be arranged into scrapbooks by year, reflecting the arrangement schemes of the club's different presidents.

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Collection Inventory

Governance/Administrative 1930-1975 


Archives 1954-1958   1.0 folders

Scope and content note

Memos from keepers of the club archives about location of files, requests for report on the archives at the club’s annual meeting, and reminders to club officers and committees to contribute records to the master set.


Constitution 1930-1966 

Scope and content note

Various versions and modifications of the club’s Constitution and By-Laws. Document labeled Original Constitution is undated. Is this from 1927, when the club was founded?


Original Constitution - Drexel Women's Club 

Scope and content note

No date on document or scan.


Proposed bylaws changes 1959 January 21 


Constitution and By-laws 1966   1.0 folders

Scope and content note

Multiple duplicate copies.


Constitution and history 1927-1975 


History 1927-1947   1.0

Scope and content note

A 21-page history of the club from 1927 to 1947 (several copies), prepared at the end of that period, plus a few miscellaneous items relating to the club as a whole and its history/mission.


A Brief History of the Drexel Women's Club 1927-1947 1947 

Scope and content note

A bound copy of the history also contained in 8.1/2/11.


History of the Drexel Women's Club 1947 

20080190001, 1947

History and records 1947-1960 

Scope and content note

Handwritten notes. Attribution on outside of original folder, but can't decipher the name. Original folder section clipped and filed with the rest.


Officers 1947-1960   1.0

Scope and content note

Lists of officers 1927 through 1956. Also contains a brief history of the Drexel women’s club prepared in October 1960 (a copy has been made for the History folder, 8.1/2/11), and the officers for that year are listed on the masthead of the cover letter to the history.


President's Reports 1942-1964   1.0

Scope and content note

President’s reports for various years, occasional correspondence, and list of club presidents.


Recording Secretary 1931-1961   1.0

Scope and content note

Annual reports of the Recording Secretary and annual reports of the club. Also contains a clipped batch of miscellaneous other club records mostly re: 1951-1955, including financial records, a constitution and bylaws, and a treasurer’s report. Presumably these were collected in the process of club business by one or more Recording Secretaries but not filed in other series.


Corresponding Secretary 1936-1943 


Corresponding Secretary 1946-1963   1.0

Scope and content note

Monthly meeting programs, change of address lists, thank you letters, miscellaneous correspondence, and a copy of the 1946 Constitution.


Nominating Committee 1948-1957   1.0

Scope and content note

Report of the Nominating Committee for 1948 and 1957, listing officers nominated for that year.


Meeting Minutes 1927-1936 


Meeting Minutes 1935-1936 


Meeting Minutes 1936-1945 


Meeting Minutes 1945-1946 


Meeting Minutes 1946-1948 


Meeting Minutes 1948-1956 

Scope and content note

Includes 1946 Constitution, and Brief History 1927-1947.


Meeting Minutes 1955-1959 

Scope and content note

Also contains much other material: club officers and committee chairs, programs for events, treasurer's reports, planning documents of various kinds.


Secretaries Notes 1964-1972 

Scope and content note

Included a few other documents: agendas, budgets, and reports from Recording Secretary.


Disbanding 1985-1986 


Letter from Drexel Women's Club President Chris Brose to member announcing the disbanding of the Drexel Women's Club 1985 September 

20080190002, 1985-1986

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Financial 1933-1984 

Banking Records 1949-1984 


Banking Records 1949-1950 

Scope and content note

Canceled checks and bank slips for the period indicated.


Banking Records 1951-1952 

Scope and content note

Canceled checks, receipts, and bank slips for the period indicated.


Banking Records 1953-1954 

Scope and content note

Canceled checks, receipts, and bank slips for the period indicated.


Banking Records 1955-1956 

Scope and content note

Canceled checks, receipts, bank slips, and bank correspondence for the period indicated.


Banking Records 1957-1958 

Scope and content note

Canceled checks, receipts, bank slips, and bank correspondence for the period indicated.


Banking Records 1959-1960 

Scope and content note

Canceled checks, receipts, and bank slips for the period indicated.


Banking Records 1961-1962 

Scope and content note

Canceled checks, receipts, bank slips, and bank-related correspondence for the period indicated.


Ledger (Book) 1928-1984 

Scope and content note

Bound ledger listing receipts and disbursements for the period, including for the scholarships and loan fund.


Ledger (Book) 1927-1936 

Scope and content note

Bound notebook tracking dues payments, expenses, and balance in account. The final page in the main section gives the auditor’s recommendation: “That a new, properly ruled treasurer’s book be purchased at the expense of the club.”]


Ledger (Book) 1936-1954 


Ledger (Book) 1954-1957 

Scope and content note

Bound ledger book tracking dues payments, expenses, and balance in account. There’s a table of contents at the beginning.


Finance Committee 1963   1.0

Scope and content note

Letter from a CPA responding to questions about whether the Women’s Club was exempt from income tax and whether contributions were deductible.


Financial records 1956-1957 

Scope and content note

Originally contained in a letter-size interoffice envelope bearing the name Miss Oller.


Financial records 1959-1960 

Scope and content note

Original contained in brown envelope labeled Miss Hons.


Treasurer's Reports 1933-1964   1.0

Scope and content note

Reports from the club treasurer for varying periods within different fiscal years. Also included is a list of treasurer’s duties, several years of budgets, and occasional correspondence.


Treasurer's Reports 1958 


Treasurer's Reports 1961-1962 


Treasurer's financial records 1949-1952 


Ways and Means Committee 1946-1957 


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Newsletters 1942-1968 


Newsletter-1942 1942 October 21   1.0 folder


Newsletter-1943 1943   1.0 folder


Newsletter-1944 1944   1.0 folder


Newsletter-1945 1945   1.0 folder


20080190041 1945 June   1.0 item

20080190041, June, 1945

Newsletter-1946 1946   1.0 folder


Newsletter-1947 1947   1.0 folder


Newsletter- 1956 1956   1.0


Newsletter- Spring 1957 1957   1.0


Newsletter- Fall 1957 1957   1.0


Newsletter- Summer 1958 1958   1.0


Newsletter- Fall 1958 1958   1.0


Newsletter- Spring 1959 1959   1.0


Newsletter- Fall 1959 1959   1.0


Newsletter- Spring 1960 1960   1.0


Newsletter- Fall 1960 1960   1.0


Newsletter- Winter 1960 1960   1.0


Newsletter- Spring 1961 1961   1.0


Newsletter- Fall 1961 1961   1.0


Newsletter- Spring 1962 1962   1.0


Newsletter- Fall 1962 1962   1.0


Newsletter- Winter 1962 1962   1.0


Newsletter- Spring 1963 1963   1.0


Newsletter- Fall 1963 1963   1.0


Newsletter- Spring 1964 1964   1.0


Newsletter- Fall 1964 1964   1.0


Newsletter- Spring + Fall 1965 1965   1.0


Newsletter- Spring 1966 1966   1.0


Newsletter- 1967 1967 


Newsletter- 1968 1968 


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Events 1930-1970 


Women's Tea 1970   1.0


Plays and Concerts 1930-1941   1.0

Scope and content note

Programs and occasional financial records in connection with five plays and four concerts put on by the club. At least some of these events were put on as a benefit to support the Student Loan Fund. The original file used the term “musicale” (not “musical”), referring to a musical evening or concert.


Program Committee and Programs 1931-1966   1.0

Scope and content note

Program booklets and occasional other materials relating to the annual luncheon and other meetings and programs.


Bazaars 1944-1945   1.0 folders

Scope and content note

Financial reports, description, newspaper articles and publicity. These bazaars were held to finance the club’s monthly newsletter to Drexel people in the armed forces overseas.


Book Exhibit and Library Day 1942   1.0 folders

Scope and content note

Special event held to acquaint club members with the Drexel Library and the library field. Program plus notes for one of the talks.


Card Parties 1947-1961   1.0

Scope and content note

Reports, correspondence, miscellaneous records, and sample programs from card parties spanning a number of years.


Card Party 1954   1.0

Scope and content note

Reports on finances, program, publicity, tickets, refreshments, set-up, food sale, favors and table prizes, door prizes, cook book sale, and supplies.


Card Party 1957-1958   1.0

Scope and content note

Financial report, timeline, transfers of balance to scholarship fund, committee members lists, minutes of planning committee, and sample program.


Card Party 1959   1.0 folder

Scope and content note

Sample programs, reports, planning documents, and record-keeping relating to donations of door prizes.


Card Party 1960   1.0

Scope and content note

Reports and samples relating to finances, program, publicity, tickets, refreshments, set-up, a large number of door prizes, and supplies.


Card Party 1961   1.0

Scope and content note

Reports and samples relating to finances, program, publicity, tickets, refreshments, set-up, door prizes, and supplies. Includes a program for the club’s 1961 Annual Dinner and a schedule for the all the 1960-1061 programs put on by the Drexel Women’s Club.


Card Party 1961-1962   1.0

Scope and content note

Reports and samples relating to finances, program, publicity, tickets, refreshments, set-up, a large number of door prizes, and supplies. A fashion show was part of the program this year.


Luncheons 1961-1962   1.0

Scope and content note

Attendance lists for club luncheons with payment records, plus an overview of the process for planning luncheons.


Fundraiser pot pourri 1970 


Annual Dinner/Picnic 1934-1961   1.0

Scope and content note

This annual social event held in May at the Drexel Lodge seems to have been termed a “picnic” until about 1950 when it was more often called a “dinner” or “supper.” Records are inconsistent across years and may include advance announcements, formal reports to the club afterwards, financial accounts, to-do and supply lists, and sample programs. There’s also a list of picnics 1933-1947, with name of committee chairs for those years.


Publicity Committee and Publicity 1934-1956   1.0

Scope and content note

Reports of the Publicity Committee plus news releases and sample publicity for various club events: card party, annual luncheon, speakers, and other programs. Some of these records overlap with other folders, such as a sample form letter sent out to attract door prizes for the card party. (There are other sample letters like this in the folder 8.1/1/5 on the card party.)


Notices 1930-1958   1.0

Scope and content note

Notices and cards announcing club meetings and other misc. messages, and club event programs,


Drexel Lodge 1947-1949   1.0

Scope and content note

Records pertaining to refurnishing the Drexel Lodge and Women’s Club events at the lodge.


Women's Club photos 1932-1949 


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The Dragon's Fare - Cookbook 1972 


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Activities 1931-1986 

Awards, Scholarships, & Loan Fund 1931-1986 


Awards, Scholarships, Loan Fund 1931-1964   1.0 folders

Scope and content note

Minutes, correspondence, memos, financial records, and records of students selected for the Margaret Morton Creese Scholarship, the J. Peterson Ryder Medal, the Belle S. Matheson Scholarship, and the Women’s Club Loan Fund. See also file 8.1/2/13, Loan Funds


Loan Fund 1937-1986 


Awards, Scholarship, Loan Fund 1966   1.0

Scope and content note

Besides loans to women students, the club’s Loan Fund seems also to have been used for ad hoc donations to particular Drexel functions/groups, like a 1966 European trip scheduled by the Drexel Varsity Singers. The file contains documentation about this donation, although the Loan Fund is never mentioned as such, and it is only implied that the donation to the Variety Singers came from the Loan Fund. Also included is miscellaneous correspondence relating to scholarships and awards presented by the club. See also: 8.1/1/2, Awards, Scholarships, Loan Fund (1931-1964). Should these files be merged? (8.1/2/13 was originally titled Loan Funds. But the contents pertain to scholarships and awards as well as the Loan Fund.)


Scholarships 1984-1985 


Scholarship Committee 1947-1985 


Cook Book Account 1948-1957   1.0

Scope and content note

Records of sales of Women’s Club Cook Book for editions published in 1952 and 1953.


Courtesy Chairman 1963-1964   1.0

Scope and content note

The Courtesy Chairman seems to have had two responsibilities: sending greeting cards to club members on behalf of the club for illness, sympathy, congratulations, etc. and arranging babysitting services to support club functions. Records include accounting and cost of cards sent, and children cared for at particular functions. Also included is a list of Newsletter Reporters – club members that seemed to be assigned to specific campus bodies/departments. This folder was originally labeled Courtesy Chairman and then relabeled Hospitality Committee.


Distinguished Daughters of Pennsylvania 1953-1960   1.0

Scope and content note

The Distinguished Daughters of Pennsylvania was a program started by the state’s Governor in 1948, and the first list of women appeared in 1949. At that time, women’s clubs and organizations of men and women throughout the state were invited to nominate one candidate each for consideration for the list. This file contains records of several nominees sponsored by the Drexel Women's Club, plus a copy of the full list (date unknown).


Drexel Dormitory 1940-1941   1.0

Scope and content note

Brief records related to magazine donations for the Drexel Dormitory, plus a checklist for teas or parties held in the Drexel Dormitory.


Flowers for the Flowerless 1937-1942   1.0

Scope and content note

This Women’s Club committee collected donations of bouquets (some from Suburban gardens, some from florists) and gave them to residences for the aged and indigent, and to hospitals. The file contains records of donations received and given out for several years.


Gimbel Award 1948   1.0

Scope and content note

Invitation to the Women’s Club to nominate a distinguished woman for the Gimbel Award.


Interest Groups 1970-1974 


Ryder Club 1934-1937   1.0

Scope and content note

The Ryder Club opened in 1934, “the social and professional center for the women of the Drexel Faculty, the Administrative, and Library Staffs of Drexel Institute.” It appears that the Ryder Club was basically a women’s faculty/staff club, since wives of male faculty could be only Associate Members. As for the Women’s Club, wives of male faculty were regular members. The two bodies seem to have cooperated readily, at least initially. Records include the initial announcement of Ryder Club founding, constitution, and list of officers.


Service Letter 1942-1948   1.0

Scope and content note

The “service letter” seems to have been actually titled “Drexel News Letter.” It was a short publication written and mailed by the club to “all Drexelites for whom we have [armed] service addresses: graduates, former students, WAACS, present and former faculty.” The newsletter contained blurbs on Drexel activities, changes in faculty and staff, and World War II enlistments. Several included formal addresses delivered at college ceremonial events. Only three of the actual service letters are included in this file. Other items include issues of the club newsletter pertaining to the service letter, documents relating to deciding how to spend publication-budgeted funds after the war, and records relating to printing, mailing, stuffing, fundraising, and financial accounting. Also included is a copy of the publication titled “Code of Wartime Practices for the American Press,” from the U.S. Government Office of Censorship.


Student-Veterans' Wives 1947   1.0

Scope and content note

The group seems to have been called the Veteran Student Wives Association, and it was for wives of veterans who were students at that time, not for student wives of veterans. Documents relate to organizing the group under the auspices of the club, and getting out information about the first social event.


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Programs and Directories 1940-1973 


Program and roster 1940-1973 

Scope and content note

Contains some newsletters and background for newsletters.


Programs and directories and mailings 1967-1985 


Programs and benefit 1953-1965 


Material printed by Alice Brothers 1950-1962 


Women's Club notices 1937-1943 


Rosters 1978-1982 


Membership roster 1980-1982 


Membership, meetings, and events 1950-1952 

Scope and content note

Includes lists of DIT faculty and administrative staff.


Membership mailings 1931-1935 

Scope and content note

Contains a copy of "Collect for Club Women. According to http://www.gfwciowa.org/id27.html, this was written by a high school principal, Mary Stewart of Colorado, in 1904.


Luncheons 1958-1968 


New member lists and old rosters 1981-1983 


Lists of faculty and administration 1951-1957 

Scope and content note

Includes material that had been in an envelope labeled "Mrs. H. Hannah" on the front.


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Chronological files 1959-1983 


Drexel Women's Club by date 1959-1960 

Scope and content note

Folder originally titled Ruf, Alice - '59-'60


Drexel Women's Club by date 1963-1973 

Scope and content note

Apparently the file of Louise B. Smith, President 1972-1973. Some documents refer to Jan Snyder as President, perhaps preceding or following Smith.


Drexel Women's Club by date 1966-1967 

Scope and content note

Apparently the file of Mary Hagerty, President at the time.


President's file (Pat Fenske) 1967-1968 

Scope and content note

Apparently the personal file of Pat Fenske, President at the time.


Drexel Women's Club by date 1969-1970 

Scope and content note

Apparently the personal file of Dorothy (Dottie) Sasin, President for that year.


Drexel Women's Club by date 1970-1971 

Scope and content note

Includes letters from 1970-71 President Dot Taunsley.


Drexel Women's Club by date 1971-1974 

Scope and content note

Names associated with this file: Louise Smith (1973) and Ad Merrill (1974).


President's file (Ad Merrill) 1973-1974 

Scope and content note

Apparently the file of President Ad Merrill.


Drexel Women's Club by date 1974-1976 

Scope and content note

Apparently the file of President Ellen Bernstein.


Presidents' files 1974-1978 


Drexel Women's Club by date 1977-1979 

Scope and content note

Perhaps files of Joanne Garrison, President 1977-1978, and Mary Finegold, President 1978-1979. Some items re: Sharon Kreitzburg, President 1975-1976.


Drexel Women's Club by date 1979-1980 

Scope and content note

Apparently file of Angela Hewett, President at the time.


Drexel Women's Club by date 1980-1981 

Scope and content note

Apparently the file of Gerry Staub, President at the time.


Drexel Women's Club by date 1981-1983 

Scope and content note

Perhaps the file of Jan Eidson, President at the time.


Invitation to the Women's Club cookie exchange 1981 December 10 

20080190003, 1981 December 10

Application for membership/renewal 1981 Fall 

20080190004, 1981 Fall

Invitation to spring luncheon 1982 April 1 

20080190005, 1982 April 1

Invitation to theatre outing 1982 May 14 

20080190006, 1982 May 14

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